Introducing Ambrose!

Me holding Ambrose in my hand and feeding him formula from a paintbrush.

On a Saturday morning in early June, my husband Jeff and I went to workout in my in-law’s garage (that’s where our workout equipment currently is).

We walked in, and as we started setting everything up, Jeff noticed that there was a baby mouse by my foot! He started squeaking a lot, and I’m pretty sure I accidentally stepped on his tail.

We put him in a safe place, hoping he would wander off to find his mom. But then we found another baby mouse, this one not nearly as active as the first.

I was concerned, and we tried feeding them a bit, and then we put them together in an out-of-the-way place.

We were worried about them, but we decided to leave them in the garage. My thinking was that, maybe they’d been exploring before we’d come in the garage, and their mom had gotten scared and bolted when we opened the door.

But the next day, we went back, and they were still there—and the one that wasn’t doing well didn’t make it through the night. 🙁

It didn’t take long before we decided to take the still-alive baby mouse home with us. What else were we supposed to do?!

So I went to the pet store, bought a cage and some puppy milk replacement formula, and thus began our adventure of raising a baby mouse!

As I’m writing this, we’ve had him for exactly a week. His eyes have fully opened, his ears have popped out, and he’s definitely grown since we brought him home. From all the research I’ve been doing, I’d say he’s almost 3 weeks old.

We’re pretty sure he’s a boy, and we named him after Ambrose from the TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I love all types of witchy shows/books).

He seems to be healthy, but I want to make sure, so I have a vet appointment for him on Wednesday. I’ll write an update afterward to let you all know how he’s doing!

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