Here’s The Masterclass!

Go from knowing that you’re meant for more to living a life that you’re excited to wake up to.


Is this where you’re at right now?

🦋 You don’t feel in control of your life.

🦋 You’re tired and burned out all. the. time.

🦋 You feel like you don’t have any time for yourself.

🦋 You feel like you’re always on autopilot just to get through the day.

🦋 You have no idea what to do with your life, and you feel stuck where you’re at.

This probably sounds familiar too…

🦋 The last thing you want is to live your life on autopilot, and you’re ready to commit to yourself.

🦋 You feel alone when it comes to your personal growth journey.

🦋 You feel a little lost and unclear when it comes to aligning your life to your core values.

🦋 You’re burned out all the time, and you know you need to make a change.

🦋 You’ve heard of intentional living, but you’re a little confused about what it really is.

🦋 You know you want more out of life, but you don’t know where to start.

Trust me, I know.

Because I’ve been there, too.

Wondering if there was more to life than waking up, working a soulless job, and dragging myself through the evening, just to go to bed and repeat the cycle in the morning.

It wasn’t until I discovered the power of living an aligned and intentional life that things finally turned around for me.

Imagine finally getting more out of life.

🦋 More laughing, talking, and connecting with your friends and family.

🦋 More encouragement, support, and community with women just like you.

🦋 An action plan to build a life that’s aligned to your values.

🦋 More time for rest, relaxing, and properly taking care of yourself.

🦋 Waking up to a feeling of excitement and contentment instead of dread.

🦋 Finally knowing you’re living the life you’re meant to have—peace, here you come.

That’s what Aligned & Intentional is designed to help you reach.

Curious about how? Let’s dive into the details.

Aligned & Intentional is a 6-module self-paced online course.

Inside, you’ll learn how to build a life that’s EXACTLY the way you dreamed of.

However long you need it to! This is a self-paced course, and you have lifetime access.

The recommended amount of time to go through the course is six weeks. (One module a week.)

The main goal of Aligned & Intentional is to help you to center your life around your values, desires, and priorities.

By the end of the course, you’ll have an action plan to help you be more intentional with what you let into your life, so you can start living a life you’re fully, 100% in love with.

I need this!

“My coaching session with Rebekah helped me to voice and own what my deepest desire is. I can now concentrate on creating my desire instead of wasting time saying I don’t know what I want.”

Barbara Okumu

Aligned & Intentional: The Course ($333 value)

Learn the basics of intentional living, start defining your core values + desires, and more. This is your starting point for building a life that’s true to yourself.

Learn how to audit your life so you can start figuring out what you want to keep, add, or replace.

After you’ve audited your life, it’s time to design the life of your dreams + enjoy it. Plus, start working through the #1 thing that’s probably holding you back.

Learn how to set goals properly. You’ll learn how to set goals that are aligned to your values, break them down + plan them out, and then stick with them.

Work through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from living a completely aligned and intentional life. Then, build up new, positive mindsets to propel you forward in life.

Cultivate the proper mindsets and habits to keep living intentionally, even after the program is over. That’s right, I’m not just throwing you to the wolves after the program is over! You’ll have an action plan + accountability.

Sounds Perfect!
I Want This!

Let’s pretend you’ve already said “HECK YES!” to this course.

➡️ You filled out all the workbooks
➡️ You went through my core framework
➡️ And you put in the work to build a life you LOVE.

A few months have passed, and you’ve continued to implement everything you got out of Aligned & Intentional.

Tell me: where are you now?

🦋 Are you finally enjoying those relaxed, slow mornings with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other?

🦋 Have you finally set those boundaries with the toxic people in your life, so you can protect your mental and emotional wellbeing?

🦋 Have you learned that it’s okay—and even good—to put yourself first, so self care is FINALLY a priority to you?

🦋 Or maybe you’ve finally said “Enough is enough,” you’ve left your job with a crappy boss, and you’ve started applying for your dream job. Or maybe you already have it.

🦋 Or you’ve stopped saying “Maybe next year…” and PLANNED and BOOKED that dream trip you never actually thought you’d take.

🦋 Or—last one—you look back on the past six months and realize that you’ve grown so much. You know yourself better. Your outlook on life is so different. And you know what you want now.

Take a moment to imagine how you’d feel.

Let me guess:

At peace.
More focused.
Less stressed.
More positive.
More relaxed.
More satisfied.
Less overwhelmed.
Proud of yourself.
Excited for the future.

That’s what happens when you invest in yourself. 🦋

Aligned & Intentional may only last for 6 weeks, but what you absorb + apply will affect you for the rest of your life.

The self discovery and personal growth you’ll go through over the next 1.5 months are just the beginning.

You’re building a solid foundation for yourself—one of alignment, intentionality, healthy boundaries, and peace.

Not only that, but you get lifetime access to the course. That way, you can re-watch Aligned & Intentional and get access to any updates!

I’m so glad I connected with Rebekah! She truly grasps intentional living and kindly encourages others to do the same. I highly recommend her coaching service.

Tiana Jades

Sounds Good!

The Value of Aligned & Intentional is Priceless.

But for the next three days, you can get access to this course for $333 only $111!

Don’t wait—you definitely don’t want to miss this.

I’m Ready!

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